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: Division by 0 Error
: merwinspawn July 21, 2013, 09:18:03 PM
Hello and thanks for a great utility that I've been using to verify all my hard drives for some years now.

I see the version has not changed in quite some time so I'm thinking there's no new development and/or bug fixing, but I will post in hope that maybe HDDScan will get an update soon, especially given the newer larger HDs that have extreme capacity and new physical sector size.

I have just added another 2TB disk to an Intel RST RAID 5 array I use to store all my files and part of the disk vetting procedure is to HDD scan the array after adding a disk.  Well, this new disk brought the array from 6TB to 8TB and when I start HDDScan I get a Division By 0 Error dialogue box and after dismissing it the program starts but does not list anything in its drive drop down.

I am thinking the virtual disk got so big that some large number was returned to HDDScan that caused an overflow and resulted in a number being 0 when it shouldn't have.

Anyways, there's the issue.  I would be more than happy to assist in debugging it if necessary.  I am a programmer myself.

Picture of error is attached.

If no updates of HDDScan are forthcoming could someone suggest an alternative.